William Leishman Memorial Trophy

The William Leishman Memorial Trophy was held by the Ayr Petanque Club on 11th July.

Only eleven players – six from Ayr and five Perth – turned up, albeit on a damp and stormy morning to compete for the WLM Trophy on APC’s piste at the Scottish Bowling Centre in Ayr.

Where have all the flowers – sorry players – gone?

It is a sad reflection on the state of our sport when, for the third Club competition running the Bees, Perth and now Ayr could only muster ten, ten and eleven players respectively.

Come on guys and dolls, the clubs that hold open competitions need your support!

With the weather improving, positively Mediterranean – well nearly! – after lunch, four teams were formed, three triples and a double using, once again, Adrian’s unique ’card trick’ method and played a four game round robin.

The destination of the WLM trophy ended up in the hands of Jean H (Perth), Adrian F and Stuart K (both Ayr) with 3 wins and more points than Mabel D and Douglas H (both Perth) also with 3 wins but short on the points front.

The other teams were Ray M (Ayr) with Alice S and Henry H (both Perth) and Enid G, Raymond K and Stan B (all Ayr) with 1 win each.

Not withstanding the lack of numbers and with the help of APC’s most generous raffle the sum of £90:01 – yes 1 penny, who was the cheapskate! – made up to £100:00 by Adrian’s wife – was raised for William Leishman’s designated Charity.

Thanks to Adrian and APC‘s members for an enjoyable day and we all arrived home well in time for the for the World Cup Final!