SPA Trophies: A Reminder

The cost of purchasing trophies is constantly on the rise.  Occasionally the SPA will have to purchase new trophies for a variety of reasons.  However to keep our costs to a minimum we would like to remind all past, present and future SPA champions of the conditions attached to retaining an SPA trophy. This does not include mementos, medals, glasses etc which are for the winners to keep but relates to any perpetual trophy (for example a Grand Prix, Masters or National Title trophy).

  • All perpetual trophies remain the property of the SPA.
  • They should be returned to the SPA, duly engraved, before commencement of the following year’s event in question.  So, for example, the Grand Prix 1 trophy should be returned to the SPA by the following GP1 registration at the latest.  Costs of engraving will be met by the SPA on production of a suitable receipt.
  • Care should be taken to ensure the trophies remain in good condition.  If you are cleaning trophies, please do not use any abrasives (such as Brasso) – our trophies are generally electro-plated and abrasives will remove the top surface, ruining the appearance.  A soft cloth and water is all that is necessary to remove any dirt or tarnish.
  • Accidents happen and trophies can be damaged or broken.  If this happens please let the SPA know as soon as possible.  Where possible we will attempt  a repair or (in the worst case) replace it in time for the next time the trophy is contested.

We are aware of a number of trophies and plates which are being held by past winners for competitions which are not currently being contested (or in one case, is still being contested trophy-less).  If you are holding one of these trophies, please bring them to the next SPA event you attend or contact the SPA as they could be re-used either now or in future.  Call it a ‘trophy amnesty’.


Colin Stewart, President