SPA Triples 2010

SPA Scottish Triples was held at Inverleith Park hosted by the Inverleith Petanque Club on Sunday the 19th of September.

On a gey driech and wet autumn morning eleven teams signed up – you will note an odd number yet again – for the Triples. However service was normal in the clubhouse – bacon or sausage butties and coffee on tap!

Ten teams were Grand Prix participants – Pisteols, IPA, Champignons, Nord Ecosse, Maboules, Pretty Vacant, Capercaillie, Pointiers, Wee 3 and Christine’s Boys – the eleventh was the welcome appearance of John Wooliscroft and Chantal Dessailly who teamed up with Harvey from Calboakie.

The morning session was two leagues of four and one league of three. .

With improving weather play began with the top two from each league plus the two best thirds qualifying for the afternoon ‘Modified Rolling Knockout for Eight Teams’.

The remaining three teams were joined by our 8 New Zealand friends and Art from Inverleith who also made up three teams – Sue, Jean and Charles, Trevor, Bob and Colleen and Bill Lynn and Art.

The afternoon ‘MRKfET’ progressed and the two undefeated teams – Pisteols, who defeated last years winners Maboules and IPA met Pointiers, winners against Christine’s Boys and Nord Ecosse to decide the destination of the Scottish Triples.

The Pisteols chose to play on the ‘hilly’ piste, however the Pointiers took the initiative and an 11-6 lead but a 4 by the Pisteols made it 11-10. Three tight ends ensued, calling ’Umpire’ on one occasion, and 12-12 was reached. The last end resulted in a 13-12 win for Pisteols and a round of applause from the spectators for an exciting and skilful final.

In the Plate participants were divided into two leagues of three with the winners of each league meeting to decide its fate.

Pretty Vacant overcame stiff opposition from NZ 3 to keep the Plate in Scotland.


1st – Pisteols – Paul B, Robbie S and John Wilson.

2nd – Pointiers- Ed S, Alice S and Henry H.

3rd – Champignons – Mari S and Colin & Mags M.

4rd – IPA- Derek A, Colin S, and Stephane M.


1st – Pretty Vacant – Richard C, Shirley L and Lynn J.

2nd – NZ 3 – Sue, Jean and Charles.

Thanks to Inverleith Petanque Club for their hospitality, and to Derek, once again, for the smooth running of an SPA competition.


Next Competition – ’Cash Pairs’ – Sunday 3rd October – Inverleith Petanque Club.