SPA Masters 2010

SPA MASTERS 2010 was hosted by Troon Petanque Club on their piste at Marr Rugby Club over the weekend of the 04th and 05th of September.

Troon, the venue for the 2011 Home Nations, was chosen for the Masters to give the eight teams qualifying for the CC the chance to experience the piste.

The twelve teams and 41 players (five teams have 4 players) represented clubs from Inverness (1), Fochabers (3), Perth (2), Stirling (2), Inverleith (3) and Troon (1).

With a ‘round robin’ format, 6 games were played on Saturday and 5 games on Sunday.

Saturday was a sunny and warm day and the players, breakfasted and with score cards in hand, were on parade by 9:30.

Umpire for the weekend Byron M welcomed the teams and asked for a good clean fight, reminded teams that slow play would be penalised – he would be ‘watching’ – get it! – and the fewer times he was called upon the happier he would be.

The day ended with the Pisteols in the lead on 6 out of 6 closely followed IPA on 5 wins and the Bears, Les Champignons and Maboules were still in the hunt with 4 wins each.

Sunday, again fine weather , progressed and by lunch time IPA had caught up with the Pisteols on 8 wins each, Goldilocks and two Bears having spoiled the Pisteols 100% game plan.

Showdown time – high noon plus two – game 10 – Pisteols vs. IPA – Pisteols prevail, win their 11th game and retain the Scottish Masters Trophy.

IPA held on to second place on points difference from The Bears. Les Champignons, also on points difference, pipped Maboules for 4th place.

European Championships 2011 – Scottish representatives – Pisteols.

Home Nations 2011 – teams 1 to 4 qualify as Scotland 1, teams 5 to 8 as Scotland 2

Home Nations 2011 – teams 1 to 8 qualify.

Thanks to Derek for organising the competition, umpire Byron and to Troon Petanque Club members for their hospitality and sustenance – the goulash and chilli was yummy!

The full result of SPA MASTERS –

1st – Pisteols (1st) Paul B, Robbie S, Lynn J and John W. – 10w +83

2nd – I P A (2nd) Derek A, Stefan M and Colin S. – 8w +52

3rd – Bears (9th) Marion MacI, Mike W and Alex D. – 8w +33

4th – Champignons (4th) John W and Colin & Mags M. – 7w +43

5th – Maboules (7th) Zandra B, Dani C, Douglas H and Bob B. – 7w +14

6th – Midgitiers (6th) Susan A, Dave P and Norma & John C. – 6w +10

7th – Acorns (10th) John J, Malcolm McK, Istvan P and Brian W. – 5w -18

8th – Cabbage and Ribs (8th) Fiona & Howard T and Emma M (no Ben B). – 4w -18

9th – Pretty Vacant (5th) Chris S, Richard C and Shirley L. – 4w -26

10th – Capercaille (11th) Jean H, Ian S and Stuart M. -3w -52

11th – Pointiers (12th) Henry H, Alice S and Ed S. -2w -47

12th – Nord Ecosse (3rd) Christine & John M and Pat & Gordon S. – 2w -54

(Numbers in brackets represents 2010 GP Series placing)

Douglas. 06/09/10