SPA Grand Prix 2 Report

SPA Grand Prix 2 was hosted by Perth Petanque Club at the North Inch in Perth on Sunday 25th May.

The players representing clubs from Inverness, Fochabers, Perth, Stirling, Inverleith, Troon and Ayr who registered fifteen teams to play in GP1 turned up in good time at Perth for GP 2.

The format was a seven round Snake and, in fine weather and on a fast piste, play commenced at 10 o’clock.

Unlike at Fochabers no thunder, lightening, rain and hail deluged the piste only the sound of hootin’ and hollerin’ which was thought to be coming from those diehard Rangers supporters Suzy, don’t gie me a green raffle ticket, Allan and Eck Davie, but no, it was from nubile women and macho men playing in a volleyball tournament adjacent to the piste!

Play continued sedately on a sunny afternoon until the early evening.

The result of SPA GP2

1st – Bears Gavin Hilson, Mike Watt and Alex Davie.

2nd – Pisteols Robbie Stronach, John Wilson and Lynn Jenkins.

3rd – Cabbage and Ribs Fiona and Howard Tipton, Ben Burnhill and Emma Montgomery.