SPA Grand Prix 1 2010

SPA Grand Prix 1 was hosted by Inverleith Petanque Club at Inverleith Park in Edinburgh on Sunday 25th April.

Players representing clubs from Inverness, Fochabers, Perth, Stirling, Inverleith and Troon registered fifteen teams to play in GP1, a number that bodes well for GP‘s 2 and 3.

The format was a seven round Snake (six games per team) and, on a rainy Edinburgh morning, play commenced at 10 o’clock. Mixed weather throughout the day made playing conditions interesting and play continued until 7:30.

The last game on piste was crucial to the outcome. with the Pisteols recording a fifth win and, with superior points difference over Pretty Vacant and Champignons, winning GP1.

Thanks to Derek A for organising the competition, Umpire Byron M for keeping an eagle eye on the proceedings, Gladys and John P for their bacon rolls and lunch time meat balls al sugo, Mags M for remembering the chocolate gateau and, last but not least, Inverleith Petanque Club for their hospitality.

The result of SPA GP1 –

1st – Pisteols, Paul Bretenoux, Lynn Jenkins and John Wilson. – 5w + 30

2nd – Pretty Vacant, Chris Stevens, Richard Carter and Shirley Legge. – 5w + 24

3rd – Champignons, John Watson and Mags & Colin Montgomery. – 5w + 20

The other 12 teams were –

4th – Acorn, John Johnston, Istvan Poka and Brian Ward.

5th – Maboules, Zandra & Bob Boyle, Dani Cassini and Douglas Hamilton.

6th – I P A, Derek Adam, Colin Stewart, Stefan Maurage and Byron Milton.

7th – Migetiers, Dave Pattison and John & Norma Cameron.

8th – Bears, Gavin Hilson, Mike Watt and Alex Davie.

9th – Nord Ecosse, Pat & Gordon Scott and Christine Mudd.

10th – Cabbage and Ribs, Howard & Fiona Tipton, Emma Montgomery and Ben Burnhill.

11th – Sleepy Heads, Maureen & Charlie Rennie and Donnie MacIntyre.

12th – Capercaille, Jean Hutcheson, Ian Smith and Stuart Malcolm.

13th – Pointiers, Alice Sheach, Henry Hutcheson and Ed Strachan.

14th – Just Us, Eileen Moonie, Mabel Danraj and Bill Ogilvie.

15th – Anglo Mix, Christine Thomson, John Porter and Marie Snell.