Margaret Burden Memorial Pairs

The Margaret Burden Memorial Pairs open competition was contested on 30th May by 9 teams.  The disappointing turn-out could have been due to a number of factors, it being a bank holiday weekend with a poor weather forecast perhaps?  Those who did make it, from Troon, Perth and Twecher, had to contest with changeable weather.  The morning was very cool, but, following a sharp downpour the sun did make a very welcome appearance in the afternoon.  Inverleith Park was full of tents for the Taste of Edinburgh Food Festival but they too appeared to suffer from a disappointing turn-out; there was no sign of the long queues of last year.

The morning’s play comprised of 3 leagues of 3 teams each.  The winner of each league and the best second place would go on to contest the main competition with the rest competing for the plate.  Despite their being only 3 rounds in the morning, the leagues were not fully decided until after 2 p.m.  so some players had to wait for their stovies for quite a while.

It was necessary, to avoid play going on too late, to restrict games in the plate to 11 points, and following some keenly fought games Jean and Henry (Perth PC) were victorious against John W (Birds & Bees PC) and Christine (Inverleith PC) in the Plate final.  Jean retained her Plate having won it in 2009 with Frank Malcolm.

The main competition was a round robin.  In third place came John P and Allan (Inverleith PC) with one win, Brian and Therese (Troon PC) were second with 2 wins, but retaining their title were Mags and Monty (Inverleith PC) with impressive dominance throughout the afternoon – winning all of their games.

Many thanks to all who contributed to the day, with special thanks to Chris and Stephen Burden for selling raffle tickets and to Gladys and John Porter for their culinary delights; the stovies were very welcome on this chilly day and wouldn’t have been out of place at the Taste of Edinburgh, indeed it is rumoured that Heston Blumenthal has asked for the recipe!

Over £200 was raised which will be donated to St Columba’s Hospice.