Life Membership Award: Douglas Hamilton

Douglas Hamilton - SPA Life Member
Douglas Hamilton – SPA Life Member

Following his decision to step down from the National Executive Committee for 2013/14 the SPA have awarded a Life Membership to Douglas Hamilton.

Douglas introduced petanque to the Perth area initially by getting together with a group of friends and neighbours in the St. Martin/Balbeggie region.  They initially played in their driveways on a rotation basis, sometimes playing at three different locations in one night.

Douglas and his neighbour David Blair founded Perth Petanque Club in 1990, playing for a short time at Perth College.  They were successful in persuading Perth Council to build the permanent piste on the North Inch. Douglas has been regularly elected to of the SPA National Executive Committee and was President in 1995/96 and 2011/12.

The SPA would like to say a huge thank you to Douglas for his tireless work for both his club and the SPA.