Invitation: Hosts for 2013 SPA Events

SPA affiliated clubs are invited to register their interest to host 2013 SPA competitions.  The proposed dates of the events are as follows (the firm dates will be confirmed subject to responses and availability):

21st April: Grand Prix 1

26th May: Grand Prix 2

23rd June: Grand Prix 3

27th July: SPA Singles and Shooting

28th July: SPA Doubles

1st September: SPA Triples

14th & 15th September: Scottish Masters

Please note that clubs will need to provide a minimum of 8 lanes (which must be divided by strings) for an event and preferably should provide a non-playing volunteer to assist with timekeeping and with measuring.  As a reminder the SPA will run a raffle at each event.  Host clubs are offered the opportunity to provide prizes for raffles on the day, the number/quality of prizes will be matched by the SPA wherever possible and in return a half share of the proceeds will be passed to the host club.  Clubs may also provide catering for participants if they wish, the SPA do not contribute to this and so all proceeds naturally are retained by the host club.

Clubs who wish to be considered for one or more of these events should email Lynn Jenkins directly, or you can fill in the form on the contact page.  The deadline for responses is 20th December 2012.