Inverleith Win EuroCup Qualifier

Inverleith PC went head-to-head with Fochabers PC on Sunday 2nd April at Perth PC’s terrain to decide which club would take Scotland’s place in the 2017 EuroCup for clubs. The qualifier followed the format of one EuroCup match, with 6 Singles games, 3 Doubles and 2 Triples.  2 Match Points were awarded for a Singles win, 3 for Doubles and 5 for Triples.  The winning club would be the one who accumulated the most Match Points.

The Singles matches were shared at 3 wins each, meaning the match was tied after the first round:


Inverleith won 2 out of the 3 Doubles matches, meaning they took a 3 point lead into the Triples round:


The triples were a tense affair and, with Fochabers winning the first of the Triples games 13-6, it all came down to the final match.  The Inverleith triple of Mags, Monty and Matt overcame a strong start by Fochabers’ Lynn, Shirley and Alec to take the win 13-11.  Leaving the final score Fochabers 14 Inverleith 17.


Inverleith now wait for the draw to determine where they will travel to and who their opponents will be for the EuroCup Qualifying Round in July.  Many congratulations to Inverleith and commiserations to Fochabers for coming so close.

Inverleith PC - Scotland's EuroCup team 2017
Inverleith PC – Scotland’s EuroCup team 2017