Grand Prix 3 Report

A very healthy turnout of 18 teams (61 players) contested the final Grand Prix of the season at Troon PC on Sunday 19th June.  For many this was the first opportunity to visit Troon after their refurbishment and what a great job Marr Rugby have done in restoring their clubhouse after their devastating fire 2 years ago. We hope Marr Rugby and Troon PC get many many years of enjoyment from it.

The format was the usual Swiss Ladder system with timed games.  After 3 rounds, 3 teams managed a perfect 3 wins, with The Bicorns lying in 1st, Pi in 2nd and Les Champignons in 3rd.  With a number of teams on 2 wins it was anyone’s competition at this point.

The afternoon saw heavy rain fall constantly, meaning we were all soaked.  We blame Shirley who said only the day before ‘it never rains in Troon’.  But play continued as the pistes remained soggy by playable.

After the final 3 rounds, Pretty Vacant (Lynn, Shirley and Richard) emerged victorious, taking not only GP3 but the GP Series win too.  Pi (Carol, Paul and Peter) finished in second place and also qualified for the Home Nations, a great feat in their first year playing as a team.  Third were Scottish Wildcats (Art, John and John), who also secured third place in the GP Series.

The GP3 results were as follows:

GP3 Results

The final standings for the GP Series are as follows.  Please note, 2 scoring errors were identified following announcement of the final placings on Sunday.  Those teams who were announced as qualifying for the Home Nations 2017 and SPA Masters have not changed, but the scoring errors have changed some positions.  Please accept the scorer’s apologies!  Note that where teams are tied on GP Points , the average GP position is used to separate them.

GP Series Final

Congratulations to all the qualifiers and commiserations to those who miss out this time.