Grand Prix 3 and Grand Prix Series Results

Sincerest apologies for the late publication of the results from Grand Prix 3.

20 teams competed in the final Grand Prix of the season at Inverleith PC on 9th June. With the Grand Prix Series being very close, there was a lot at stake.

After the 6 matches, the winners of GP3 were Pretty Vacant (Shirley Legge, Derek Adam and Robbie Stronach) which was also enough to secure the Grand Prix Series. Live Wires (Marian MacIntyre, Donnie MacIntyre and Charlie Rennie) were second and also secured the silver medal in the series. Les Champignons (Dani Cassini, Mags Montgomery and Colin Montgomery) were third.

The top 4 teams from the Grand Prix Series will represent Scotland at the 2020 Celtic Challenge as team A, with the teams placed 5-8 in team B. The Celtic Challenge will be hosted by Scotland next year.

The top 12 teams in the Series have qualified for the SPA Masters in September, with places at the 2020 Home Nations and other international competitions up for grabs.

Grand Prix 3 Placings
Grand Prix Series Final Standings