Perth Pétanque Fenton Quaich

The first Club Open Competition of the 2009 Season was the FENTON QUAICH run by the Perth Petanque Club at the North Inch Perth.

On a beautiful calm, sunny and warm spring day with coffee and hot cross buns for 50p only fourteen players, 9 from Perth, 3 from the Bees and 2 from Fochabers, forego rolling their Easter Eggs turned up to contest the once prestigious Fenton Quaich.

WHERE HAVE ALL THE PLAYERS GONE? Although it is early in the season I hope that the last two weeks’ low turnout is not an indication of those absent players’ lack of interest in competing in Club Open and SPA Competitions during the rest of the year. Six teams, two triples and four pairs played five rounds.

The winning of the competition was the result of the Madams (who chose that name for two alpha males?) who where trouncing FASCH (a big boy wouldn’t tell me what it stands for!) by 11 to 4 decided to go AWOL and lost 13-11!

So the result was as follows –

1st – FASCH – Robbie Stronach and John Wilson – 5 wins + 45

2nd – The Madams – John Watson and Douglas H – 4 wins + 30

3rd – Team Cobra – Alice S, Jean H and Ed S – 3 wins + 15
The other three teams were –

Wee Twa – Eileen M and Sheila A, The Downhillers – Mabel D, Sheila I and Findlay R and The Busy Bees – Gavin and Caroline S.

Thanks to the above for coming to support Perth Petanque and making it a friendly day out in the sun.

Report by Douglas Hamilton