Grand Prix 3 Report

Once again, 18 teams registered to contest the final Grand Prix of 2017 at Troon, the results of which would determine who would win the Grand Prix Series, the eight teams which will represent Scotland at next year’s Home Nations and the twelve teams that will progress to the Scottish Masters in September.

The competition was won by Maboule who beat all in their path. The Sex Pisteols capped off a consistent GP Series with second place (4 wins) and third was claimed Triaxle (also 4 wins).
GP3 Results

The Grand Prix Series was won by Triaxle, second were the Sex Pisteols and third place was secured by the 3 Bears.  The full final standings are shown below.  Congratulations to all all the qualifying teams and commiserations to those who missed out this time.


We’d also like to congratulate Vivien Poka who we awarded the ‘Most Improved Junior’ award for her great play during the Grand Prix Series.  And finally, a very Happy Birthday to Ernie Burden of Apolojays who played in the Grand Prix on his 90th birthday – what an inspiration.

Grand Prix 2 Report

Once again, 18 teams registered for the next instalment of the SPA Grand Prix Series, this time hosted by Perth PC on Sunday 14 May.

Play took a familiar turn, with Triaxle emerging victorious once more with a perfect 6 wins.  Pretty Vacant were second with 5 wins and the Sex Pisteols were third with 4 wins.

Grand Prix 2 Result
Grand Prix 2 Result
Grand Prix Standings After 2 Rounds
Grand Prix Standings After 2 Rounds
Triaxle - Grand Prix 2 Winners
Triaxle – Grand Prix 2 Winners

Celtic Challenge

On 29th and 30th April, the Scottish Petanque Association welcomed our friends from Ireland and Wales to the 29th Celtic Challenge at Inverleith PC in Edinburgh.  Scotland fielded the top 8 teams from the 2016 Masters competition in 2 squads, A (the top 4) and B (teams 5 to 8).  Ireland and Wales each fielded 4 teams.

The first round of matches were Scotland A v Scotland B while Ireland took on Wales.  Scotland A set down an early marker taking the match 14 wins to 2, while Ireland won 9 to Wales’s 7.

The next series of games finished Scotland A 13-3 Wales and Scotland B 4-12 Ireland.  With Scotland A on 27 wins going into the final round of matches, it was looking like a thumping was on the cards, but Ireland’s tails were up and the final matches would prove to be crucial.

Scotland A took the final round of matches 11-5 against Ireland, while Wales beat Scotland B 12-4.

So Scotland retained the trophy for the fourth consecutive year, matching the record previously set by Wales, and have amassed 6 wins in the last 7 years. We’ll certainly be looking to make history with 5 wins on the trot next year.

The final scores were Scotland A 38, Ireland 26, Wales 22, Scotland B 10.

The competition’s top team was taken by Scotland 1 – Emma Montgomery, Paul Fletcher and Kevin Johnstone with 11 wins from 12. Ireland 1 – Jack Di Pizzo, Alain Robert and Stephane Voinot – were closely behind with 10 wins.

Once play had finished, the teams retreated to the Waverley Castle Hotel for the traditional prize giving.  The celebrations went on until the wee hours before we all departed for home on Monday.

The Scottish Petanque Association would like to thank all of the volunteers that helped to make the weekend such a success.  Particular thanks must go to our Vice President Shirley Legge, who took on the bulk of the behind the scenes organisation.

We look forward to seeing everyone again at the 30th Celtic Challenge in Ireland next spring.

Celtic Challenge – Results By Day And By Team





Grand Prix 1 Report

Eighteen teams registered to compete in the first Grand Prix of 2017, played at Inverleith PC on Sunday 23rd April.  It is encouraging to see a number of newcomers to Grand Prix (and some veteran returners too!).  The usual six round ‘Swiss Ladder’ with time limited games format continues for Grand Prix this year.

The competition was won by Triaxle – Emma Montgomery, Paul Fletcher, Kevin Johnstone and Jimmy Johnstone – with 5 wins from 6.  Following closely behind (just one point) was the Sex Pisteols – Robbie Stronach, Derek Adam and John Wilson – 5 wins.  Third with 4 wins was the 3 Bears – Alec Davie, Gavin Hillson and Mike Watt.

The next Grand Prix is in Perth on 14 May.

Grand Prix 1 Result
Grand Prix 1 Result
Grand Prix Series Standings After 1 Round
Grand Prix Series Standings After 1 Round

Inverleith win against Melrose

League pétanque made a welcome return to Scotland on Easter Sunday as Inverleith hosted Melrose in the inaugural Lothian & Borders Pétanque League match.

Each league match consists of two doubles rounds, one single and one triple.

Inverleith won the match 6 games to 0.

Inverleith v Melrose - Lothian & Borders Pétanque League
Inverleith v Melrose – Lothian & Borders Pétanque League

Celtic Challenge

Details regarding the Celtic Challenge have now been published and can be found here.

Players are asked to note that we will be operating time limited games and should familiarise themselves with the rules we will be using (some of which are different from the timed game rules normally used in our own competitions). You can view the rules here.

We look forward to welcoming our Irish and Welsh friends to Edinburgh at the end of this month.

Inverleith Win EuroCup Qualifier

Inverleith PC went head-to-head with Fochabers PC on Sunday 2nd April at Perth PC’s terrain to decide which club would take Scotland’s place in the 2017 EuroCup for clubs. The qualifier followed the format of one EuroCup match, with 6 Singles games, 3 Doubles and 2 Triples.  2 Match Points were awarded for a Singles win, 3 for Doubles and 5 for Triples.  The winning club would be the one who accumulated the most Match Points.

The Singles matches were shared at 3 wins each, meaning the match was tied after the first round:


Inverleith won 2 out of the 3 Doubles matches, meaning they took a 3 point lead into the Triples round:


The triples were a tense affair and, with Fochabers winning the first of the Triples games 13-6, it all came down to the final match.  The Inverleith triple of Mags, Monty and Matt overcame a strong start by Fochabers’ Lynn, Shirley and Alec to take the win 13-11.  Leaving the final score Fochabers 14 Inverleith 17.


Inverleith now wait for the draw to determine where they will travel to and who their opponents will be for the EuroCup Qualifying Round in July.  Many congratulations to Inverleith and commiserations to Fochabers for coming so close.

Inverleith PC - Scotland's EuroCup team 2017
Inverleith PC – Scotland’s EuroCup team 2017

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