New Year Competitions Results

Fochabers PC, Birds & Bees PC, Troon PC and Inverleith PC all held competitions over the New Year period:


John Wilson won at Fochabers on New Year’s Day

Christine Thomson and Douglas Hamilton won at the Bees on the 2nd

John Hart, Bill Taylor and Robin Gardiner won the Brass Monkey Trophy at the Frostbite Follies at Troon on the 2nd

Mags Montgomery and Art Ager won at Inverleith on the 6th

Penicuik Plan Youth Recruitment

Penicuik Pétanque Club are planning a big recruitment drive in 2013 to attract youth players.  Penicuik’s new piste is due to be built in time for the new playing season in April and have a commitment from Midlothian Council’s Active Schools Coordinator to involve pupils from Penicuik High School and Beeslack Community High School in a program of pétanque coaching sessions.

It is hoped that not only will the school pupils develop their own petanque skills and knowledge to play and compete, but that some will also become coaches to pass their knowledge on further.  The aim is to give the youth players their own section of Penicuik Pétanque Club with its own activities and identity.

Increasing youth participation and volunteering in pétanque is a key aim for Penicuik Pétanque Club and the hope is, in conjunction with SPA Youth Development,  to develop the next generation of Scottish champions and internationals.

Clubs who are interested in recruiting youth players can contact Colin Stewart for tips on where to begin.

Reminder: Deadline for responses approaching

The deadline for responses for all of the items below is 20th December:

Interested parties should email Lynn directly or via the form on the contact page.


UK Grand Slam of Pétanque 2013

Readers may be interested to note that a new series of Open competitions has been announced for 2013.  There are six events which serve as qualifiers for the Grand Slam final and the competitions are aimed at players at all levels.  Each round and the final will be held at a different location in England.  You can find out more by visiting their website.

Portobello Pétanque Taster Session

National Coach Mags Montgomery accompanied by three other SPA coaches made the short journey to the newly created pistes in Rosefield Park, Portobello, on Sunday 25 November.  Despite the weather (low temperatures and heavy rain) 7 hardy souls from Porty turned up and were introduced to the game.

Portobello’s pétanque roots are strong. Although it has been some time since there was a club there, a number of former and current international players have played in Portobello and we are encouraged to see that pétanque has once again returned. Naturally the SPA will be on hand to offer them support and advice whenever needed.

The SPA would like to wish all those involved the very best of luck .  You can find out more at the group’s Facebook page

Invitation: FIPJP Women’s World Championship Qualifier – Date Correction

The FIPJP Women’s World Championships are to be held in Monastir, Tunisia, on 2nd-6th October.  The SPA therefore invite teams of 3 or 4 women who are willing, committed, able and eligible to represent the SPA to register their interest.  We have set aside the 14th April 2013 as a date for a qualifying competition but teams are required to register their interest no later than 20th December 2012 by email to Lynn Jenkins directly or via the form on the contacts page.

Please note that the SPA are not able to offer financial assistance for participating players.

Invitation: CEP Eurocup for Clubs

SPA affiliated clubs are invited to register their interest in participating in the Eurocup for Clubs 2013.  This may involve one or more foreign trip and/or involve hosting a round of the competition depending upon the draw.  Clubs who want to know more about what this entails should contact the SPA or see the competition rules.

Clubs who are committed and able to represent the SPA should register their interest by 20th December 2012 either by direct email to Lynn Jenkins or via the form on the contacts page.

Please note the SPA will not be able to offer financial assistance.

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