Following their success in the British Umpires’ exam set by Mike Pegg of the BPUB Colin and Mags Montgomery are now qualified umpires under the auspices of the “British Pétanque Umpires Board”.  The BPUB  was formed before the British Pétanque Federation disbanded and it was decided that it would remain to ensure that umpires throughout Great Britain are consistent in the method of recruitment, training, examination, development and appointment.

We are keen to encourage as many players as we can to obtain this qualification, which involves attending a very good course and sitting a quite stiff exam.

We have, however, produced a Scottish exam to hopefully bring in a few Scottish umpires and we already have a couple of candidates.  If you fancy the idea of becoming an Umpire please come forward and we will set up an Umpiring Day.  This will involve a detailed discussion on the rulebook, a look at the necessary equipment and how to use it, followed by an hour and a half exam.  The exam is quite testing so be prepared to know the rules backwards!

Finally, reminders that as umpires we are there to uphold the rules as they are and to stop the people falling out over them (to paraphrase the legendary Bob Boyle).

Colin Montgomery,
National Umpire


SPA Umpires Club
Colin Montgomery – BPUB level 3 qualified – National Umpire Inverleith PC
Mags Montgomery – BPUB level 3 qualified Inverleith PC
Colin Stewart – SPA qualified Penicuik PC

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