Within the SPA coaching structure there are 3 grades of coach – “Club Coach”, “Accredited Coach” and “Youth Coach”.

Club Coach

The SPA aims to have at least one qualified Club Coach in each Club. The National Coach will work to achieve this aim through coaching sessions, assessments and by ensuring that Clubs are aware of the benefits of coaching.

The SPA recognises the Inverleith Coaching Manual “The Way to Play” as the text book for the Club Coach. Aspiring Club Coaches will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the issues therein. They will become qualified after attending a coaching session with at least 2 of their peers and impressing them and their pupils sufficiently to be passed. They will lose their status if they fail to do any coaching in a 2 year period.

Club Coaches are expected to maintain regular contact with their neighbouring Clubs, wherever possible, for coaching purposes.

Accredited Coach

Accredited Coach is a status achieved by a Club Coach by being awarded 3 credits by the agreement of his peers. A credit, for example will be awarded when any pupil of his wins a tough competition or has been seen to play with great skill and spirit.

The coaches will form a sub-committee with the remit of

  1. keeping up-to-date with ‘best practice’ in coaching.
  2. arranging at least one national coaching event per year, focussing on basic skills for novices and on tactics for the more experienced players. This event will provide an opportunity for coaches to gain and share coaching experience and also ensure ‘good common practice’ among all coaches.
  3. considering requests for credit awards.
  4. considering and implementing changes to the coaching system.

Youth Coach

If you intend to offer coaching sessions to youngsters you need to check whether this would be classed as regulated work with children. If so, you must not offer or conduct coaching sessions without first applying to be an SPA Youth Coach. It is a mandatory requirement that all SPA Youth Coaches are disclosed under the PVG scheme as we are legally required to ensure that anyone planning to undertake regulated work with children is not barred from doing so.

The SPA are registered with the Central Registered Body Scotland for these purposes and arrange disclosure on behalf of all affiliated clubs. If this is of interest or if you need clarification of SPA policy on this matter please contact us.

Training for Coaches

The SPA will endeavour to arrange a training event for coaches, led by a coach from out with Scotland, prior to the national coaching event wherever practical.

SPA Coaches Club
John Mudd Inverness PC
Colin Montgomery Inverleith PC
Mags Montgomery – National Coach Inverleith PC
Emma Montgomery Inverleith PC
Ben Burnhill Inverleith PC
Stephane Maurage Penicuik PC
Colin Stewart Penicuik PC
Derek Adam Inverleith PC
Lynn Jenkins Fochabers PC
John Cameron Birds & Bees PC
Ed Strachan Perth PC
Tommy Quinn Tweed Valley PC
Brian Ward Troon PC


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