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Why should you join the Scottish Pétanque Association?

For anyone in Scotland who plays (or wants to play) pétanque regularly there are clear benefits in being a member of the SPA.

As well as overseeing and promoting the game in Scotland we provide various services to members and clubs;

  • We arrange comprehensive block insurance cover for members and clubs each year.  While pétanque is not generally considered a dangerous sport, accidents can happen.  Our insurance means that participants and club office bearers are covered against claims arising from club events.
  • We co-ordinate the club and national competition calendar. This is sent out to clubs each year and is also available for download from the website.
  • We provide coaching opportunities to clubs, both to coach members and to recruit Club Coaches.
  • We maintain a regularly updated high-quality website with a wide range of information and advice of interest to both members and non-members and also provides the opportunity for clubs and members to publicise their activities and give sponsors the publicity they deserve.
  • We provide advice and support to those wishing to start new clubs.  Wherever possible we try to ensure that an experienced member meets with anyone wishing to start a club, to act to as a link to the Association and to assist wherever we can.
  • We organise national and international events and run a series of qualifying events throughout the year to determine the teams to represent Scotland in the following year.

While this list covers some of the main activities of the SPA the only way to really find out exactly what we do is to join in.

We have a simple membership system.

  • All members of Affiliated Clubs are Affiliate Members.
  • Full Members pay a separate, additional fee.  Only Full Members are eligible to hold a SPA Licence and serve on the National Executive Committee.


Membership Type Cost
Affiliate Membership £6 p.a. (paid by the member’s club)
Full Membership (club members) £14 p.a.
Full Membership (unattached members) £25 p.a.
Junior Membership (under 18) Free

In the first 2 years of affiliation, a club pays only £25 p.a. with the £6 per member charge applying from year 3.

SPA International Pétanque Licences

Full Members are eligible to hold an International Pétanque Licence. As we are affiliated directly to the FIPJP this licence allows the member to play in competitions throughout the world where a licence is required. The licence must be produced at all SPA competitions to provide proof of Full Membership.

To become a Full Member of the SPA, please visit our member portal

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