SPA Doubles


2019 Shirley Legge Lynn Jenkins
2018 Emma Montgomery Michael Rennie
2017 Robbie Stronach John Wilson
2016 Shirley Legge Lynn Jenkins
2015 Paul Fletcher Kevin Johnstone
2014 Shirley Legge Lynn Jenkins
2013 Istvan Poka Colin Stewart
2012 Istvan Poka Colin Stewart
2011 Robbie Stronach John Wilson
2010 Dave Pattison Bob Boyle
2009 Byron Milton Stephane Maurage
2008 Robbie Stronach Johnny Wilson
2007 Lynn Jenkins Mike Watt
2006 Derek Adam Lynn Jenkins
2005 Byron Milton Stephane Maurage
2004 Brian Murison Lynn Jenkins
2003 Brian Murison Lynn Jenkins
2002 Dave Pattison Andy Beatson
2001 Richard Carter John Wilson
2000 Frank Malcolm Sandra Milton
1999 Paul Bretenoux Pierre Bretenoux
1998 Richard Carter Johnny Wilson
1997 Darius Mackie Graham Jenkins
1996 Dave Pattison Paul Devine
1995 Mike Dow Byron Milton
1994 Scott Higgins Frank Malcolm
1993 Scott Higgins Frank Malcolm
1992 Stuart McCombie Bob Boyle
1991 John Duthie Dave Pattison
1990 Wullie Day Dave Lothian
1989 John Duthie Dave Pattison
1988 Mike Dow Ron Dow

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