COVID-19 Phase 3 Guidance

UPDATED 14 July 2020. Changes from Phase 2 Guidance are annotated for ease of reference.

The Scottish Petanque Association’s priority in issuing this guidance is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of members and to enable clubs to support and follow Scottish Government’s COVID-19 guidance. We recommend all clubs familiarise themselves with the Scottish Government route map.

This guidance is based on documentation produced by Bowls Scotland, who developed their own guidance in partnership with sportscotland.

UPDATED: As facilities for playing petanque vary across Scotland we recommend all clubs undertake a risk assessment to determine if the guidance can be implemented in full. The safety of players and members is our primary focus. We would therefore advise clubs to take a cautious approach in deciding which, if any, of their facilities will be open at this time.

Players should only play if they feel fit and well and can adhere to the guidance put in place by their clubs. Players should not feel under any pressure to play and should be supported to return once they feel ready to and are able to play in line with this guidance.

Under no circumstances should players participate in playing petanque if they have COVID-19 symptoms or are required to self-isolate.

UPDATED: Players and clubs must adhere to any temporary local restrictions, such as reduced interctions with others or local travel restrictions, that are in place.

The guidance has two sections – clubs and players – and will be subject to review as Scottish Government issues further advice and guidance.

Guidance for Clubs

  • UPDATED: Clubs are not required to open their terrain or additional facilities and should decide on what best suits the club and its members.
  • All clubs should undertake a risk assessment and share it with their members before allowing players to return.
  • Clubs should check their insurance before allowing players to return.
  • UPDATED: Clubs should check with their landlord, e.g. local council, that they have permission to re-open the terrain and any additional facilities.
  • Clubs should also check if any additional requirements, as set out in the Health Protection Scotland guidance for non-healthcare settings, need to be applied.
  • Clubs are responsible for ensuring the club and members comply with Scottish Government legislation and follow the guidance outlined in this document.
  • UPDATED: Clubs may allow players to use seating or benches, subject to physcial distancing and good hygiene being observed at all time.
  • UPDATED: Clubs may open additional facilities, such as a club house, providing this can be done in accordance with all current Scottish Government guidelines. Where a clubhouse is shared with another organisation, the club must ensure that adequate measures, including record keeping, are in place and adhered to by members.
  • Clubs should not provide any playing equipment, such as scoreboards, plastic circles, boules, practice aids.
  • Clubs should provide clear signage around their facility.
  • Club meetings should be held virtually.
  • UPDATED: Clubs may organise internal club competitions among members, providing they are structured to allow all participants to adhere to the maximum number of households and individuals they can meet in a day.
  • Clubs should inform their members when the facility is available for play and procedures for arranging to use the terrain.
  • UPDATED: Clubs should make arrangements for players to book lanes for games and retain records in line with the requirements of the ‘Test and Protect’ scheme. Session times should be staggered to facilitiate adherance to physical distancing and the number of household and individual interactions per day.
  • Clubs need to advise players on how to enter and exit the terrain and how to access lanes to ensure social distancing rules are maintained at all times.
  • Clubs should mark the terrain into lanes with a minimum width of 3m.
  • Clubs must make it clear which lanes are in use for play and which ones are not to be used.
  • UPDATED: Spectating is now permitted, provided physical distancing and good hygiene can be maintained at all times.
  • All other SPA policies and procedures must be adhered to.

Guidance for Players

  • Players who have COVID-19 symptoms, or are part of a household where someone has symptoms, should stay at home and follow NHS Scotland guidance.
  • No one who is self-isolating should attend the club.
  • UPDATED: Players should follow Scottish Government guidlines on physical distancing and good hygiene.
  • UPDATED: Games can be played between a maximum of 5 households and 15 players each day.
  • UPDATED: Players in the shielding group can play games with a maximum of 2 other households each day.
  • Players in higher risk groups should follow any medical advice they have been given.
  • Players requiring personal support can bring a carer with them.
  • Players should check if the club is open and available for play.
  • UPDATED: Players should arrange and agree their use of the terrain for games or practice in advance with the club. This includes any player that intends to visit another club.
  • UPDATED: Players should make a record of their acitivities in line with the requirements of the ‘Test and Protect’ scheme and retain them for at least 4 weeks.
  • Players should not consume any food or drink at the terrain.
  • Players’ personal belongings should be kept separate from others.
  • Players should follow Scottish Government guidelines when travelling to play.
  • Players must bring their own hand sanitiser and use this throughout play.
  • Players must follow Scottish Government’s COVID-19 hygiene advice at all times.
  • Players should only use alternate lanes for playing, e.g. lanes 1, 3, 5 or 2, 4, 6.
  • Players should not shake hands or greet other players in a way that would require physical contact or be within 2 metres of each other.
  • Players must only use their own boules and jack.
  • Players should only use their own equipment, e.g. tape measures.
  • UPDATED: Prefabricated circles should not be used.
  • If an invalid jack is thrown, then the placed jack should be the one belonging to the opposing player or team.
  • Players should not moisten their hands with saliva, e.g. blowing or licking, before taking a shot.
  • UPDATED: Players may wear face coverings if they wish to.
  • Players should ensure social distancing requirements are adhered to at all times.
  • Players should leave the terrain immediately after the conclusion of play.
  • Players should ensure they wash their hands and ensure all equipment is cleaned and disinfected after returning home.

Children and Young People

  • Players under 16 should always be accompanied by a parent/carer throughout the session.
  • Preferably only one parent/carer from the family should accompany a player under the age of 16.
  • Where the player is under 16 the parent/carer will have first aid responsibilities.
  • All members should have access to the club wellbeing policies and procedures and know who to contact if there is a welfare concern or issue.

UPDATED: Coaching

  • Outdoor coaching is permitted if physical distancing can be maintained and the session involves no more 15 people from no more than 5 households per day, including the coach.
  • Playing areas to be used for coaching must be booked in advance.
  • Players and coaches should adhere to SPA and club guidelines at all times.
  • Records of participation must be kept by the coach and participants in line with the requirements of the ‘Test and Protect’ scheme.
  • Coaches should familiarise themselves with sportscotland’s guidance for coaching sessions and Covid-19

Please remember that all players and clubs have a responsibility to take care of themselves and their members.

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