Celtic Challenge History

In 1989 the Scottish Petanque Association accepted an invitation to play Wales in Cardiff, won by Scotland. The return match was held in Sitrling in 1990 and, following a request from Northern Ireland to be included, the Celtic Challenge was formed. In 1991 the Irish Petanque Association was formed and the 3rd Celtic Challenge was held at Clandeboyne, NI.

The Celtic Challenge is played over two days. Each nation supplies 4 teams of 3 players, with the host nation supplying an additional ‘B’ squad. The winner is the squad who achieve the most wins after 12 rounds (when each team have played against all opposing teams). The host nation’s A and B squad play each other in the first 4 rounds on the opening day.

Strong competition coupled with a social and friendly atmosphere combine to make the Celtic Challenge one of the highlights of the pétanque year.

Year Host Winner
2019 Wales – Pontyclun Scotland
2018 Ireland – Dublin Scotland
2017 Scotland – Edinburgh Scotland
2016 Wales – Caerleon Scotland
2015 Ireland – Cork Scotland
2014 Scotland – Fochabers Scotland
2013 Wales – Llanhennock Wales
2012 Ireland – Bangor Scotland
2011 Scotland – Troon Scotland
2010 Wales – Wenvoe Wales
2009 Ireland – Cork Wales
2008 Scotland – Fochabers Wales
2007 Wales – Abergavenny Wales
2006 Ireland – Dublin Ireland
2005 Scotland – Inverness Scotland
2004 Wales – Brecon Ireland
2003 Ireland – Bangor Scotland
2002 Scotland – Stirling Wales
2001 Wales – Pontypool Wales
2000 Ireland – Cahir Ireland
1999 Scotland – Drymen Wales
1998 Wales – Brecon Scotland
1997 Ireland – Castlewellan Wales
1996 Scotland – Perth Wales
1995 Wales – Cardiff Wales
1994 Ireland – Cork Ireland
1993 Scotland – Troon Wales
1992 Wales – Brecon Wales
1991 Ireland – Clandeboyne Ireland
1990 Scotland – Stirling Scotland
1989 Wales – Cardiff Scotland

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