Pierre Bretenoux


It is with a great deal of shock and sadness that we pay tribute to Pierre Bretenoux who passed away suddenly on Friday.

Pierre was a Life Member of the SPA and, during his competitive days, won the Scottish Triples and Grand Prix Series both on five occasions, as well as a Scottish Doubles title. He represented Scotland on numerous occasions in the annual matches against the British Pétanque Association and the Celtic Challenge.

While he stopped playing competitively some time ago, latterly he would often visit us at competitions to cheer on his son Paul and say hello to us all.

Our thoughts are with his wife Carol, Paul and Cheryl and all his friends at the Birds and Bees at this very sad time.

A Thank You From Moffat PC


On Saturday 23rd July, Colin Stewart and Colin Montgomery travelled to Moffat to give our newest club members a session on basic petanque technique.  Here’s what they had to say about it:

“Dear Colin

I would like to thank both you and Colin Montgomery for coming to Moffat on Saturday to teach the members of Moffat Pétanque Club the elementary techniques of playing. All eighteen members who were there said how useful the morning had been and how grateful they are to you for giving up so much time for them. You have left us with a lot to practise but also with some ways of improving our ability and ways to work on our techniques.

Once we have had some time to work on your advice perhaps we might invite you to return to see what progress we have made, perhaps with a friendly game to sharpen the concentration!

Should any other new club be hesitating to seek your help, I would suggest they swallow their pride and take advantage of this excellent service the Scottish Pétanque Association provides.

Thanks again.
John Holden
Secretary, Moffat Pétanque Club”

In return, the two Colins would like to thank Moffat for their hard work, they really have ‘hit the ground running’ and we are delighted with the progress they have made in such a short time.  We wish them every success and the SPA will always be on hand to assist.  And a very big thank you to the Moffat PC Committee members who treated us both to delicious lunch.

A reminder to all clubs, if you have some new members who could do with some coaching, or if you are an old hand but  have fallen into some bad habits (!) or want to improve the SPA can help.  We offer sessions to anyone who wants them.  If you are interested please get in touch and we’ll send a coach or two to help you.

SPA Triples Results


11 teams contested the annual SPA Triples Championship at Inverleith PC on Sunday 17 July. The weather forecast threatened rain but thankfully it remained dry, if slightly chilly all day. Many thanks to Inverleith PC for hosting.

The competition was dominated by Triaxle (Paul, Kevin and Emma) who played some fantastic petanque at times. The finished with a perfect six wins and were very worthy champions.

Les Champignons (Matt, Mags and Monty) also had a good day and finished in second place with 4 wins + 33 points. Maboule (Zandra, Dani, Bob and Doug) ran Les Champignons close, but finished in third place with 4 wins + 28 points.

The next SPA event is the Singles, Doubles and Shooting in August in Fochabers. But before then, the SPA and Inverleith PC host the Home Nations Championship on 6 and 7 August. We’d encourage anyone who is in Edinburgh that weekend to come along to support the Scotland Team as we take on England, Wales and Jersey.

Triples Results

SPA Welcomes Melrose and Moffat


The SPA is delighted to welcome two new petanque clubs in 2016.  Melrose PC are based at Kingsknowe Hotel, between Galashiels and Melrose in the Scottish Borders.  Moffat PC are based in Station Park in Moffat, Dumfries & Galloway.

This brings the total number of SPA affiliated clubs to 11 and it is very encouraging to know that petanque is finding its way into new areas.  We wish both clubs every success and we look forward to being of assistance to them where ever we can.

Grand Prix 3 Report


A very healthy turnout of 18 teams (61 players) contested the final Grand Prix of the season at Troon PC on Sunday 19th June.  For many this was the first opportunity to visit Troon after their refurbishment and what a great job Marr Rugby have done in restoring their clubhouse after their devastating fire 2 years ago. We hope Marr Rugby and Troon PC get many many years of enjoyment from it.

The format was the usual Swiss Ladder system with timed games.  After 3 rounds, 3 teams managed a perfect 3 wins, with The Bicorns lying in 1st, Pi in 2nd and Les Champignons in 3rd.  With a number of teams on 2 wins it was anyone’s competition at this point.

The afternoon saw heavy rain fall constantly, meaning we were all soaked.  We blame Shirley who said only the day before ‘it never rains in Troon’.  But play continued as the pistes remained soggy by playable.

After the final 3 rounds, Pretty Vacant (Lynn, Shirley and Richard) emerged victorious, taking not only GP3 but the GP Series win too.  Pi (Carol, Paul and Peter) finished in second place and also qualified for the Home Nations, a great feat in their first year playing as a team.  Third were Scottish Wildcats (Art, John and John), who also secured third place in the GP Series.

The GP3 results were as follows:

GP3 Results

The final standings for the GP Series are as follows.  Please note, 2 scoring errors were identified following announcement of the final placings on Sunday.  Those teams who were announced as qualifying for the Home Nations 2017 and SPA Masters have not changed, but the scoring errors have changed some positions.  Please accept the scorer’s apologies!  Note that where teams are tied on GP Points , the average GP position is used to separate them.

GP Series Final

Congratulations to all the qualifiers and commiserations to those who miss out this time.


Ayrshire Open and GP3 Arrangements


This weekend we return to Troon PC:

Saturday 18 June: Ayrshire Open (Triples) – £3 per adult player – free for school age youngsters.  Register 1.30 for 2.00 start.

Sunday 19 June: SPA Grand Prix 3 (Triples – qualifier) – £6 per player.  Register 9.00 – 9.15 for 9.30 sharp start.  Sausage rolls and hot drinks available from 8.30 – £1.50.  Baked potatoes and various fillings for lunch – £3.50

Fochabers Four Win Qualifier


On Sunday 5th June, Penicuik PC hosted the Qualifier to determine the Scotland players for the World Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles Championship to be held in Gent, Belgium in April.  Four teams of four (2 women and 2 men) entered.

The format was an unusual one – a trial for the SPA.  In the morning all the singles players played against their respective singles opponents in round robins, while at the same time the mixed doubles round robin was played.  In the afternoon, players switched into women’s and men’s doubles pairings for more round robins.  Cumulative scores over the whole day would determine the winners.

In the end, Lynn, Shirley, Robbie and John W amassed 11 wins out of 15 and will represent Scotland next April. They just pipped the team of Mags, Emma, Paul and Kevin who accumulated 10 wins.  The full results were:

Lynn Jenkins (S), Robbie Stronach (S), Shirley Legge & John Wilson – 11 wins

Emma Montgomery (S), Paul Fletcher (S), Mags Montgomery & Kevin Johnstone – 10 wins

Mari Snell (S), Istvan Poka (S), Alison Swiffin & Ed Strachan – 5 wins

Chstristine Mudd (S), John Mudd (S), Pat Scott & Gordon Scott – 4 wins

(S) shows the singles players

Qualifier Winners

Grand Prix 2 Report


Grand Prix 2 was contested by 17 triples teams on Sunday 15 May at Perth Petanque Club.  The usual format (6 rounds of swiss ladder timed games) meant that, due to the odd number of teams, byes would be necessary.

The competition was dominated by Triaxle (Emma Montgomery, Paul Fletcher and Kevin Johnstone) who swept away all in their path to win with a perfect 6 wins, dropping only 19 points all day.

Scottish Wildcats (Art Ager, John Taylor and John Dryburgh also had an exceptional day, winning 5 games and beating some strong teams on the way to second place.

Third place went to Pretty Vacant (Lynn Jenkins, Shirley Legge and Richard Carter) with 4 wins.

The SPA would like to thank Perth Petanque Club for their hospitality and hard work.

Grand Prix 3 will be held at Troon Petanque Club on 19 June.

GP2 Results

Grand Prix Series Standings

Grand Prix Series Standings

Grand Prix 2 Arrangements


Grand Prix 2 will be contested on Sunday at Perth Petanque Club.  Registration is 0900-0915 sharp for a 0930 start.  Tea, coffee and croissants will be served at registration.  Please bring your own lunch.

Donations for the raffle would be much appreciated.

We are also seeking donations for a grand raffle to be held at the Home Nations in August, you can bring them to any SPA event.

Celtic Challenge Report


The 28th Celtic Challenge was held at Caerleon RFC Petanque Club, Wales, on 30th April and 1st May.  Four triples teams from Scotland competed against teams from Ireland and Wales A and B squads.

The teams arrived on Friday evening and were treated to a sumptuous buffet, as well as having the opportunity to try out Caerleon’s new terrain.  The surface was variable, with 4 of the 8 lanes playing fast, while the other 4 were challenging with large chips, which made for difficult pointing conditions.

After the formal welcome and announcements, play commenced with the Scots pitted against Ireland, while Wales A and B locked horns.  Round 1 saw Scotland and Ireland share the spoils with 2 wins each.  But as the rounds progressed, Scotland upped their game, taking three wins from rounds 2 and 3 and taking 4 wins in round 4.  Meanwhile, Wales B emerged with 10 wins against Wales A’s 6.

After 4 rounds the standings were:

Scotland 12, Wales B 10, Wales A 6, Ireland 4

In rounds 5 – 8 Scotland would play Wales B while Ireland were up against Wales A.  Scotland continued their strong performance without dropping a game at all in round 5 and 6.  Meanwhile, Wales A tooks 6 wins to Ireland’s 2, meaning at the close of play on Saturday the standings were:

Scotland 20, Wales A 12, Wales B 10, Ireland 6

It looked like Scotland might run away with the victory.  The Scottish performance had been truly excellent  with Scotland 1 – 4 wins, Scotland 2 – 5 wins, Scotland 3 – 6 wins and Scotland 4 – 5 wins. On to Sunday – could Scotland continue to dominate?

In rounds 7 and 8, Scotland and Wales B shared 4 wins between them, while Wales A took 6 wins to Ireland’s 2.  This meant Wales A had closed the gap, but were still 6 wins behind Scotland going into the final 4 rounds. The standings after 8 rounds were:

Scotland 24, Wales A 18, Wales B 14, Ireland 8

By this time it was pretty clear that Scotland would need to amass 30 wins to secure the trophy (although 29 might be enough with points difference looking very much in Scotland’s favour).  All Scotland would need to do was hold their nerve…..

Round 9 saw Wales A win 3 games to Scotland’s 1 – they were slowly but surely catching us and nerves were beginning to show in all of the Scottish teams. Round 10 was tied with 2 wins each, meaning that Wales A remained 4 games adrift with 2 rounds to play.

Round 11 saw Wales A again take 3 wins to Scotland’s 1, meaning that, going into the last round Scotland had 28 wins and Wales A had 26.  By this time is was clear that Scotland’s points difference meant that if the teams were tied on 29 wins, Scotland would win.  Wales had to win all 4 games.

The first 2 results from round 12 were both wins for Wales A.  The teams were tied on 28 wins each with 2 games to go.  Thankfully, Scotland 3 held their nerve to win convincingly and secure the trophy for Scotland.  This was followed shortly by a win for Scotland 2.

The final standings were:

Scotland 30, Wales A 28, Wales B 23, Ireland 15

Congratulations to all the players.  A big thank you to our hosts, Caerleon RFC Petanque Club who really did put on a great weekend.

The final tally of wins for the Scottish teams were:

Scotland 1: Christine Thomson, Alison Swiffin, Ed Strachan – 4 wins

Scotland 2: Robbie Stronach, John Wilson, Derek Adam – 7 wins

Scotland 3: Lynn Jenkins, Shirley Legge, Richard Carter – 10 wins

Scotland 4: Emma Montgomery, Paul Fletcher, Kevin Johnstone – 9 wins


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