Invitation: CEP Eurocup for Clubs

SPA affiliated clubs are invited to register their interest in participating in the Eurocup for Clubs 2013.  This may involve one or more foreign trip and/or involve hosting a round of the competition depending upon the draw.  Clubs who want to know more about what this entails should contact the SPA or see the competition rules.

Clubs who are committed and able to represent the SPA should register their interest by 20th December 2012 either by direct email to Lynn Jenkins or via the form on the contacts page.

Please note the SPA will not be able to offer financial assistance.

Invitation: Hosts for 2013 SPA Events

SPA affiliated clubs are invited to register their interest to host 2013 SPA competitions.  The proposed dates of the events are as follows (the firm dates will be confirmed subject to responses and availability):

21st April: Grand Prix 1

26th May: Grand Prix 2

23rd June: Grand Prix 3

27th July: SPA Singles and Shooting

28th July: SPA Doubles

1st September: SPA Triples

14th & 15th September: Scottish Masters

Please note that clubs will need to provide a minimum of 8 lanes (which must be divided by strings) for an event and preferably should provide a non-playing volunteer to assist with timekeeping and with measuring.  As a reminder the SPA will run a raffle at each event.  Host clubs are offered the opportunity to provide prizes for raffles on the day, the number/quality of prizes will be matched by the SPA wherever possible and in return a half share of the proceeds will be passed to the host club.  Clubs may also provide catering for participants if they wish, the SPA do not contribute to this and so all proceeds naturally are retained by the host club.

Clubs who wish to be considered for one or more of these events should email Lynn Jenkins directly, or you can fill in the form on the contact page.  The deadline for responses is 20th December 2012.

Penicuik Open Pairs

The 2012 Penicuik Open Pairs competition was held at Beeslack High School, Penicuik on Sunday 19th August. 13 pairs from across the country joined us, with teams from Inverness, Fochabers, Perth, Peebles and Edinburgh. But the furthest travelled award went to Brian and Zena Forbes who joined us all the way from Nottingham. We are very grateful to all who travelled so far to make our event a success. It was good to new faces and old (some were very old!) join in.

The morning’s play (qualifiers for the afternoon’s main competition) was a ‘league’ format with a leagues of 4,6 (3 games only) and 3 teams respectively. The best 8 teams from the leagues would fight it out for the title in the afternoon, with the other 5 teams going into the plate competition.

The weather was hot to begin with, but gradually cooled as the day went on and the inevitable downpour commenced at around 3 pm. At least we were able to provide shelter for the players this year in the form of our new yellow gazebo which was kindly part funded by Penicuik & District Community Council.

The afternoon’s plate (a 5 team round robin with games restricted to 9 points) resulted in two teams being level at the top of the table – Ernie Burden / John Porter and Christine Thompson / Douglas Hamilton both had 3wins +18 points. A count back revealed that Ernie and John had won the ‘head to head’ game and therefore were crowned the plate winners.
In the main competition, the first round saw Robbie Stronach and John Wilson drawn against their international team mates Paul Bretenoux and Stephane Maurage (all four will be competing together for Scotland at the World Championships in Marseille in November). A close game ensued and Robbie and John emerged with the win and went through to the semi final to keep their hopes of defending their title alive.

The other semi finalists were Colin & Mags Montgomery, Zena & Brian Forbes and Ed Strachan and Alison Swiffin.
Robbie & John beat Colin & Mags while Ed & Alison won against Brian & Zena in the semis.

In the 3rd/4th playoff, Colin & Mags won against Brian & Zena to take 3rd place.

The final was a close affair, but Ed and Alison managed to get over the line first to wrestle the trophy from 2011 winners Robbie & John.

Congratulations to all. Win or lose we hope you enjoyed the day and we hope to see you again at our next open competition in 2013. We are very grateful for all the support we receive from our pétanque friends across Scotland and, now, Nottingham (we will have to make a reciprocal visit next year, plans will be made!).

Colin Stewart
Penicuik Petanque

Inverleith Cash Pairs

The Inverleith Cash Pairs was held at Inverleith Petanque Club, Edinburgh.

So much for the Indian summer, Indian monsoon more like! However money talks so 26 players from Ayr (3), Edinburgh (8), Fochabers (4), Haddington (2), Perth (8) and Stirling (1) splashed their way to this year year’s competition making up thirteen teams – yes the dreaded odd number again!

Four leagues – three of three and one of four – were played before lunch and in the afternoon a Swiss for the top eight – top two from each league – for the main dosh and a league of five for the plate – less dosh.

Fasch – Robbie and John – dominated the afternoon play, as they did in the morning, playing most of their games on ’the hill’ a piste on which they are masters. They beat Chips – Shirley and Lynn – to 7, Champignons – Colin and Mags – to 1, and the Foreigners – Stephane and Istvan – to 4 to lift the top prize.

Giggly Girls – Dani and Susan – and Chips – Shirley and Lynn – fought it out for third place with the GG’s coming from behind to win 13-12

Christine C and John P came out on top of the league of five to win the Plate.

The Inverleith Cash Pairs –

Winners – Fasch – Robbie S and John W – Fochabers.

Runners up – Foreigners – Stephane M and Istvan P – Inverleith/Troon.

Third – Giggly Girls – Dani C and Susan A – Inverleith/B&Bs

Fourth – Chips – Shirley L and Lynn J – Fochabers

The Inverleith Less Cash Pairs –

Winners – Christine T and Allan M – Inverleith.

A fine if somewhat wet day out, bacon rolls for breakfast and mince and tatties with apple crumble to follow at lunch time, was enjoyed by all.


Birds & Bees Charity Pairs

An Autumn Pairs competition was hosted by the Birds and Bees Petanque Club at the Birds and Bees in Causewayhead, Stirling.

A 10:30 start attracted 18 players regardless of the indifferent weather which persisted throughout the day – until we finished, of course, and the sun came out!

18 players, 9 teams, 4 pistes – how was Bob going to fiddle that? – easy peasy – three leagues of 3 but no – Bob had a senior moment – thinking he needed 6 pistes for that format made up one league of 4 and one of 5 – daa!

So with this odd format the morning’s play commenced.

The teams were – Jimmy W & Carol, Margaret W & Nick, Paul & Pierre B, Judy C & Carol B, Judy’s grandsons Thibault & Matthieu and John & Norma C from the Birds and Bees, Jean & Henry H, Eileen M & Marcus from Switzerland and Alice S & Douglas H from Perth.

After an excellent lunch of soup and sandwiches the top 4 teams from the morning leagues played for the honour of being ‘top team’ of the day.

The remaining 5 teams fought it out for the non existent plate with Bob playing his ’fiddle’ again!

The above resulted in Paul & Pierre coming from behind beating Eileen & Marcus 13-12 to meet Alice & Douglas who overcame John & Norma 13- 8 for a ‘final showdown’.

Alice & Douglas romped ahead to lead 12-4 when the Paul & Pierre comeback started but at 12-10 came to a halt and they accepted defeat 13-10.

John & Norma squeezed home 13-12 against Eileen & Marcus for third place.

Jean & Henry won both their afternoon games to win the ‘plate’.

Another sociable open competition – no ‘fannies’ – was as usual with B & B competitions immaculately run by Bob and enjoyed by one and all.


Perth Petanque Frank Malcolm Memorial

The Weather people had forecast rain for Perth. The folks of Inverleith had predicted rain for Perth. As only the members from Perth were in attendance, it looks like the rest of Scotland had decided it would rain on Perth. Unfortunately, everyone was right and it rained during the Frank Malcolm Memorial Trophy event held at the Perth piste on Sunday 7th August. However, twelve members from Perth donned their waterproofs (well most of us) and played Petanque despite the weather.

Prior to starting the event we cleared some of the flood waters from the piste to allow the games to be played. We played a pairs melee with three games in the morning before breaking for lunch. With puddles in evidence it wasn’t long before the youngster of the club (Finlay Ross) had the old timers splashing about in the puddles much to his delight. When it came to shooting, it is amazing how clear of people the head is when the boule to be hit is sitting in the middle of a puddle.

A number of people were in contention by the time we reached lunch and the rain continued to persist. So a welcome respite to the clubhouse to dry off a bit and get some lunch was in order. Suitably replenished the Chairman suggested playing another round after lunch then a democratic decision would be made whether to continue. After the fourth round was complete the majority of players decided that they were suitably soaked and the competition was brought to a finish. Despite the rain there were some good matches being played and an excellent camaraderie within the competition.

The final results were worked out and Finlay Ross was pipped by Douglas Hamilton. Both with 4 wins, but Douglas claiming the Trophy with a +26 to Finlay’s +17 points difference.

Naturally, as we were locking up the rain decided to abate, but then who can really predict our wonderful Scottish weather.

Our thanks to the members of Perth who managed to come along to the event and to the helpers who prepared the bacon rolls and got the piste into a playable state.

Congratulations to Douglas Hamilton on winning the Frank Malcolm Memorial Trophy.

William Leishman Memorial

The William Leishman Memorial Trophy was held by the Ayr Petanque Club.

Twenty one players, twenty two if you include Adrian F who acted as host and umpire – eight from Ayr, eight from Troon, five from Perth and Twecher John from the B&B‘s – turned up, albeit on a dampish morning to compete for the WLM Trophy on APC’s piste at the Scottish Bowling Centre in Ayr.
What a splendid turnout compared to recent attendances at Club opens!

Seven triples teams were formed using Adrian’s now traditional ’card trick’ method each team playing a four games. The team of Enid G (Ayr), David Croft-Smith (Troon) and Istvan P (Troon) were too good for the rest of the field and with 4W +35 were worthy winners of the WLM Trophy.
he other teams were –
Malcolm McK, (Troon), Ray McI (Ayr), Paul W (Troon) – 3W +30.
John W (B&B‘s), Jean H and Alice S (both Perth) – 3W +6.
Monika T (Troon), Mary McG (Ayr) and Douglas H (Perth) – 2W +5.
Raymond K (Ayr), Mabel D and Henry H (both Perth) – 2W +2.
Kevin W (Troon), Philomena D Ayr), Stuart K (Ayr) – 0W -31.
Lena Croft-Smith (Troon), Jimmy W (Troon), Wilma W (Ayr) – 0W -31

With twenty one participants and the help of APC’s most generous raffle the sum of £189:00 was raised for William Leishman’s designated Charity.

Thanks to Adrian and APC‘s members for an enjoyable day and we all arrived home well in time for fish and chips for tea – well the Perth lot did!


Finlay Morrison Memorial

The Finlay Morrison Memorial Pairs was held at the North Inch in Perth.

Perth‘s second day of summer – warm, sunny and wall to wall blue sky only 11 players – 8 from Perth, 2 from the Birds and Bees and 1 from Ayr – strolled their way to the North Inch clubhouse for croissants and coffee. Failing to rouse another player Adrian made up a triple with Mabel and Margaret.

So the 5 teams played 4 games each resulting in Douglas H winning the Trophy for the second year running – last year with Stuart M this year with Ed S.

The teams were Ed S and Douglas H – 4 wins; Christine and Twecher John – 3 wins; Eileen M and Alice S, Jean and Henry H and Mabel D, Margaret M and Adrian F- 1 win each.

Regardless of the fine weather yet again a disappointing turn out for a Club Competition open to all comers – where have all the players gone?

Birds & Bees May Day Pairs

A May Day Pairs competition was hosted by the Birds and Bees Petanque Club at the Birds and Bees in Causewayhead, Stirling.

By 9:45 on a late spring Sunday morning that couldn’t make up its mind whether to rain or shine, so it did both, but luckily the latter outshone (get it!) the former to the relief of the motley crew assembled in the Birds and Bees car park. Why do we never learn? The gate to the courtyard is locked on a Sunday morn until any time between 10:00 and 10:15!

14 players, 7 teams, 4 pistes – no need for Bob to play his fiddle – so two leagues – one of 3 and one of 4 and the morning’s play commenced.

Alison Swiffin & Ed Strachan – Birds & Beeds May Day Pairs Winners

The teams were – Zandra B & Pauline, Bob B & Stuart, Jimmy W & Carol, Margaret W & Nick, Paul B & Judy‘s grandson Thibault (pronounced Tibo), Judy C & Douglas H and Ed S & Alison S.
Note – Stuart, Carol and Nick are new members of the Birds and Bees

After an excellent lunch of soup and sandwiches the top 4 teams from the morning leagues played for the honour of being ‘top team’ of the day.

The remaining 3 teams fought it out for the non existent plate via Bob playing his fiddle!

The above resulted in Ed & Alison coming from behind to beat Judy & Douglas 13-10 to be the “May Day“ pair, with Jimmy & Carol coming third.

Bob & Stuart won the ’Plate’.

Another sociable open competition, regardless of the lack of numbers, was as usual with B & B competitions run immaculately by Bob and enjoyed by all.


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