SPA North v South


The first SPA Competition of the 2009 Season is the NORTH v the SOUTH hosted by Perth Petanque Club at the North Inch in Perth on 6th April.


On a bright and sunny morning twenty four players turned up – 11 from Perth, 6 from Fochabers, 5 from Inverleith and 2 fae Troon. Where were Inverness, Mr President’s, Birds and Bees and other Inverleith and Troon stalwarts?

Battle commenced at 10:30, a Melee triples with four teams per side playing four rounds.

Lunch was taken after two rounds with the North romping to an 8 games to 0 lead.

Desperation set in for the South, and with the port and cheese to the fore thanks to Mike, the first three games in the afternoon went to the North. Then disaster! North, with last year’s 12 – 4 drubbing in mind, and intent on a whitewash dropped a game to 12 thanks to Robbie – a big boy telt me to say that!

However normal service was resumed and the end result was – NORTH 15 – SOUTH 1

Thanks to Gavin, Mike, Alex, Lynn, Robbie and John from Fochabers and Mabel, Margaret, Eileen, Sheila, Ian and Douglas from Perth, north of the Tay, who represented the North.

and, Art, Dani, Marina, Derek and Finlay from Inverleith, Brian and Charlie fae Troon and Alice, Jean, Sheila, Margot and Steve from Perth, south of the Tay, who represented the South.


Fochabers Spring Fling


The SPRING FLING was hosted by Fochabers Petanque Club at the Cricket Club in Fochabers on Saturday 25thMarch 2009.

On a pleasant afternoon, and not so early evening, thirty players from a’ th’ airts, Troon, Ayr, Inverleith, Stirling, Perth, Aberdeen – Aberdeen? was Mr Carter on the comeback trail! – and Fochabers making fifteen teams, enjoyed good crack and a good workout before Sunday’s GP1.

The result was –

The Spring Fling –

1st – Donnie and Marion MacIntyre.

2nd – Mike Watt and Alex Davie.

3rd – Ed Strachan and Alice Sheach.

4th – the above mentioned Mr and Mrs Carter.

Young Robbie Stronach organised the event, standing nae nonsense from the rowdier element, but what else would you expect at Fochabers!


SPA Grand Prix 1 Report


SPA Grand Prix 1 was hosted by Fochabers Petanque Club at the Cricket Club in Fochabers on Sunday 26thMarch.

Players representing clubs from Inverness, Fochabers, Perth, Stirling, Inverleith, Troon and Ayr registered fifteen teams to play in GP1 and hopefully will do so for GP‘s 2 and 3.

The format was a seven round Snake and, in fine weather, play commenced at 10 o’clock.

Come 1 o’clock the heavens opened, thunder, lightening, rain and hail deluged the piste and play was suspended for an hour, fortuitously it was the denner oor, thereafter we were blessed by a fine afternoon and play continued until nearly seven thirty.

The result of SPA GP1

1st – Pisteols Robbie Stronach, John Wilson and Lynn Jenkins.

2nd – Birds and Bees Byron Milton, Bob Boyle and Istvan Poka.

3rd – Nord Ecosse Gordon and Pat Scott and John and Christine Mudd.


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