Home Nations 2014 – Report and Results


The 2014 Home Nations was held and Mansfield Petanque Club on 9th and 10th August.

The teams arrived on Friday 8th August and many headed to the pistes for a practice, to find them waterlogged after torrential rain. With practice impossible, the socialising started early!

The Scots, Welsh and English players arrived at the well manicured pistes at 8am on the Saturday morning, to find no sign of the flooding from the night before. An army of volunteers from Mansfield PC had clearly been up early to prepare the pistes and catering – a sterling job and much appreciated by the players. After welcome speeches and photographs the games commenced at 9 am. The weather forecast for Sunday was very poor and therefore it was decided to play 7 rounds on the Saturday as a contingency against delays on Sunday.

As play commenced on Sunday heavens opened and, by the end of round 8 almost all the pistes were waterlogged and unplayable, despite the pump. A meeting of the heads of delegations was hastily arranged and it was reluctantly agreed that play could not continue and the competition would be cut short to 8 rounds. A disappointing end to what was otherwise a great weekend.

In the end, many of the Scottish teams struggled with a total of 24 wins across the squad. The English team did what they needed to with 43 wins and the Welsh held a solid second place on 29.

Notable exceptions were the Scotland 2 team of Lynn, Shirley and Robbie who amassed 6 wins from 8 to be the top Scottish team of the weekend, closely followed by Scotland 6 Christine and John Mudd and Gordon and Pat Scott who secured 5 wins.

The SPA would like to thank all of the volunteers from Mansfield PC and the English Petanque Association for their hard work during the weekend. It was sad that they were beaten by the elements in the end, but their efforts and planning were greatly appreciated.

Full results tables

Paul Fletcher Wins Scottish Shooting Title


Paul Fletcher won Saturday’s SPA Shooting title defeating Kevin Johnstone in a very close final. Both players were tied after the five disciplines and had an identical record of 5 and 3 point scores. Therefore, the match was decided by an extra round.

In addition, the record for the highest score achieved by a Scottish player in competition was broken by Kevin Johnstone in his semi-final against Istvan Poka – a score of 50 to Istvan’s 44.

Congratulations to all players – an impressive shooting display which bodes well for the future.

Istvan Poka Wins Scottish Singles


Istvan Poka won Saturday’s SPA Singles title and has therefore been selected to represent Scotland at the Men’s Singles World Championships in Nice in January.

Lynn Jenkins was the highest ranked female competitor and therefore has been selected to represent Scotland at the Women’s Singles World Championships in Nice in January.

Congratulations to them both. Full report and results to follow.

World Singles Championships: Men and Women: January 23-25, Nice


The SPA are delighted to report that we have received an invitation to nominate both a female and male player to represent Scotland at the forthcoming World Singles Championships in Nice in January. To this end it has been decided that the highest placed female and male players in Saturday’s SPA Singles competition will be offered our places.

Players will be asked at registration on Saturday whether they wish to be considered in principle for selection. This decision is not fully binding as full details have not yet been published by the FIPJP, but those who wish to be selected should be prepared in principle to participate. Please note that the SPA cannot offer any financial assistance to the successful players. The SPA will provide full details as soon as they become available – we expect this in August.

This is an exciting opportunity and we wish all of our competitors the very best of luck.

SPA Trophies: A Reminder


The cost of purchasing trophies is constantly on the rise.  Occasionally the SPA will have to purchase new trophies for a variety of reasons.  However to keep our costs to a minimum we would like to remind all past, present and future SPA champions of the conditions attached to retaining an SPA trophy. This does not include mementos, medals, glasses etc which are for the winners to keep but relates to any perpetual trophy (for example a Grand Prix, Masters or National Title trophy).

  • All perpetual trophies remain the property of the SPA.
  • They should be returned to the SPA, duly engraved, before commencement of the following year’s event in question.  So, for example, the Grand Prix 1 trophy should be returned to the SPA by the following GP1 registration at the latest.  Costs of engraving will be met by the SPA on production of a suitable receipt.
  • Care should be taken to ensure the trophies remain in good condition.  If you are cleaning trophies, please do not use any abrasives (such as Brasso) – our trophies are generally electro-plated and abrasives will remove the top surface, ruining the appearance.  A soft cloth and water is all that is necessary to remove any dirt or tarnish.
  • Accidents happen and trophies can be damaged or broken.  If this happens please let the SPA know as soon as possible.  Where possible we will attempt  a repair or (in the worst case) replace it in time for the next time the trophy is contested.

We are aware of a number of trophies and plates which are being held by past winners for competitions which are not currently being contested (or in one case, is still being contested trophy-less).  If you are holding one of these trophies, please bring them to the next SPA event you attend or contact the SPA as they could be re-used either now or in future.  Call it a ‘trophy amnesty’.


Colin Stewart, President

CEP Veteran’s Results


The Scottish squad of Christine Thomson, Ed Strachan and Douglas Hamilton competed in the European Veteran’s Championship in Lulea, Sweden, last weekend.  The team faced a tough draw against Denmark (8th in the competition 2 years ago) in the opening round but put up a strong fight. Here are the results of the first 5 Swiss rounds:

1. Denmark 13 – 9 Scotland
2. Switzerland 7 – 13 Scotland
3. Scotland 13 – 12 Hungary
4. Estonia 13 – 10 Scotland
5. Poland 9 – 13 Scotland

With a record of 5 wins and ranked 10th after the Swiss rounds, Scotland faced an elimination match, again against Poland. The winners would qualify for the main competition with the losers into the Nations Championship.

Elimination Round: Scotland 11 – 13 Poland

So Scotland went into the 1/4 finals of the Nations Championship and were drawn against Norway

1/4 Nations Championship: Scotland 3 – 13 Norway

A very creditable effort from the Scotland squad who faced tough competition along the way. The main competition was won by Monaco who defeated Denmark in the final. The Nations Championship was won by England who fannied Norway in the final.

You can find all the results here

Grand Prix 3 Report


17 teams again registered to compete in the third and final Grand Prix at Perth PC on Sunday 22nd June.  With the Triaxle team of Jimmy, Kevin and Paul sitting in top spot with a 9 point margin over DRAM, their nearest opponents,  it seemed unlikely that anyone would catch them in the race to the Grand Prix Series.

The weather stayed dry and humid all day and lunch was served in Bells Sports Centre which seemed to work well.

On to the competition and with DRAM and Triaxle having a mixed day, the opportunity was there for others to gain ground.  And that they did, with the two teams with interchangeable names rising to the top.  The winners, Sex Pisteols (Shirley, Lynn and Richard) retained the GP3 trophy, pipping Pretty Vacant on BHN.  The other placings are listed below.  The sharp tacks among you may notice a slight change to the announced placings:- following a thorough check of the results a mis-entered score was discovered from round 5.  This means that  some of the minor placings were different than those announced.  

On to the GP Series itself and the Sex Pistols GP3 win meant that was enough to overtake Triaxle, capping a good year for them and adding to their Celtic Challenge top team honours.

Teams 1-8 will be invited to represent Scotland at the Home Nations 2015 and teams 1-12 will play in the SPA Masters in September.


Grand Prix 3 Result



Grand Prix Series Final Standings


Sex Pisteols – GP 3 and GP Series Winners

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